To a delightful house in the historic centre of San Benedetto Po

If you want to spend some time in a delightfully welcoming and intimate setting in a land of art and history… If you love the idea of staying in a house with antique furniture selected item by item from a luxury art gallery… If you dream of an atmosphere which is unique for its class, tranquility, elegance, discretion and perfect service… Well, all you need to do is come to our Bed & Breakfast called “At the Antique Dealer’s House” (“A casa dell’Antiquario”), where our guests are received with a cordial welcome, their every wish is our priority, and they are constantly pampered, to the point that they don’t want to leave us anymore.

In these pages we show you every detail of our Bed & Breakfast; its special charm, the particular style of its hospitality which is offered with the generosity and warmth that are typical of the Zanini family. You will appreciate the beauty of a house that is typical of the magnificent historical town, elected among  “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” (“I Borghi più Belli d’Italia”): San Benedetto Po.

The distinguishing features of our Bed & Breakfast are…


You will be staying in a B&B that has been furnished by an important art gallery, where all the pieces are changed regularly and everything you admire is available for purchase. If you come back to visit us again,  you’ll be surprised to find a differently-furnished bedroom every time.


You can enjoy the convenience of staying in the main square of San Benedetto Po. As you leave our house you will see the spectacle of the majestic Basilica of Polirone. Nearby you find all the practical necessities like eating out and shopping, together with the beautiful historical and artistic sites of the town (the abbey, the monastery, the Polironiano Museum). It’s just few steps… you don’t need a bike, car or any other means of transport.


You can talk about art and culture with experts, whether you are a professional or a just a person who loves art. We will also be glad to welcome you to our own “Zanini Arte Gallery” and accompany you on a guided tour around our collection of masterpieces. Staying in our B&B means being close to a huge, thousand-year-old monastery that is still completely intact. We can accompany you ourselves on a guided tour of the Benedictine complex if you like.


You will be fascinated not only by the  art and the history but also by the fervour of cultural events going on. It’s almost impossible to come to San Benedetto Po without finding some important art exhibition, festival, event or fair. For every occasion our B&B can offer advice, help you to get involved – and also offer you significant savings thanks to our network of agreements with event organizers, associations and restaurateurs.


You’ll have the benefit of being with a family that speaks English and is attentive to the needs and requirements of visitors from abroad; this is a particularly interesting added value for all our guests. However, it is also interesting for local companies who have occasion to collaborate with professionals from abroad and who need to find accommodation for them during their stay. In these cases, our house makes agreements on prices and special offers, according to the requirements of the company.

Welcome to “A casa dell’Antiquario” and enjoy your stay!


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I Borghi più Belli d'Italia



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