Fascinating sights that only Mantua can offer

We know that it is not always easy to choose the right B&B and book rooms for a long-awaited holiday with family or friends, or a romantic weekend or even a business trip. It takes time and patience to satisfy all the variables; dates of stay, availability, quality and price of the accommodation, its location, how to reach it and much more.

Accordingly, our website has been designed to help you in this task. Here we give you all the information clearly and thoroughly. We include the tourist information about our area; first of all our town, San Benedetto Po, which is one of “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” (I Borghi più Belli d’Italia”), and then there is the entire province of Mantua, one of Italy’s most beautiful cities of art.

Here are a number of ideas to start you on your visit through the wonders that only Mantua and its surroundings can offer.

I Borghi Più Belli d'Italia

SAN BENEDETTO PO, ONE OF “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES OF ITALY” - In 2009, the small town of San Benedetto Po was included in the exclusive list of “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia” (The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy). On the club’s website you can find photos and information on our thousand- year-old town, which is also known as the “Montecassino of Northern Italy.”

Click on the website borghitalia.it video created for the 2007 celebration


BASILICA OF SAN BENEDETTO PO, THE UNHERALDED JEWEL - This is the most spectacular element of the complex of the former Benedictine monastery of San Benedetto in Polirone, founded by Tedaldo di Canossa in the year 1007.

“Friends of the Basilica” ong, Amici della Basilica Onlus


VIRTUAL TOUR OF MANTUA - Visual Italy is a Multimedia tourist map promoting the beauties and attractions all over Italy. You can ‘visit’ streets, squares, museums and monuments of Mantua with 360-degree panoramic views. For a virtual tour:

Visual Mantua


MANTUA AND SABBIONETA: UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE - Since July 2008, Mantua and Sabbioneta have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site because “they provide an exceptional testimony to the urban development, architecture and art of the Renaissance.”

Website dedicated to the event and  brochure in pdf formIAT Sabbioneta

The clock tower ENJOYING MANTUA TO THE FULL - The main portals for news about events, tourist and cultural appointments in Mantua, and not only …

City of Mantua |  Province of Mantua |  Tourism Portal |  Portal events

Palazzo Te

PALAZZO TE AND PALAZZO DUCALE: HERITAGE OF THE GONZAGA FAMILY - Palazzo Te, the palace designed in 1525 by Giulio Romano for the enjoyment and relaxation of the Gonzaga family, is one of the greatest treasures of the city of Mantua, together with the equally stunning Palazzo Ducale.

Palazzo TePalazzo Ducale

The cycle path Po

MANTUA BY BIKE - Cycle tour in the enchanting natural landscapes of the province of Mantua.

Network of cycle paths in the province of MantuaThe cycle path PoBike Sharing in the city of Mantua

The boatmen of the River Mincio

MANTUA BY BOAT –  The province of Mantua is known for its many picturesque waterways. It is crossed by five rivers (the Po, the Mincio, the Secchia, the Oglio and the Chiese), and Mantua itself is surrounded by three beautiful lakes. There are, of course, numerous fascinating boats trips to choose from.

Mantua and its rivers | The boatmen of the River Mincio

St. Lorenzo's Park - Pegognaga

DISCOVERING THE PARKS AND PROTECTED AREAS - The province of Mantua is home to countless nature reserves and protected habitats. To learn about them one by one, you can view:

Parks.it – Mantua | Province of Mantua – Parks


TYPICAL MANTOVANA FOOD AND WINE - Lambrusco wine, pumpkin ravioli, cappelletti, rice with local sausage, capunsèi, tiròt, sbrisolona cake, Anello di Monaco, elvetia, sugolo, … and the list could go on and on!

To table, everyone! – pdf brochure by the Province of Mantua